Leadership Style Part – I


This report aims to offer an insight into the leadership style of a renowned leader in an organisation. There are a number of leadership theories which can be applied to explain the leadership behaviours of the organisational leaders. The leadership theories would be discussed in the literature review part. This report has been prepared, considering a leader in that organisation. His or her leadership style will be discussed and analysed, taking the leadership trait theories into account. A number of data and information will be analysed to assess the effectiveness in the pertaining leadership styles and match those traits with the theories, discussed in the literature section. A conclusion has been inferred from the detailed analytical discussion. It summarises a number of key information, mostly collected from the secondary resources like books and online journals. Overall this report offers a good opportunity to experience the effectiveness of the existing leadership qualities in the respective leader. No doubt, preparing this report has been a remarkable experience through out the theories and practices.

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